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WilaaMalin Handmade Pet Bedding - Teepee Measurement (Sizes)

Size S: 38x38x70H (cm) suits a small cat
Size M: 48x48x80H (cm) suits a medium cat and small dog
Size L: 58x58x90 H (cm) suits a big cat and small dog eg Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Puddle
Size XL: 75x75x105 H (cm) suits a medium dog eg Corky
Size XXL: 90x90x120 H (cm) suits a big dog eg Husky, Golden
Size Extra: 120x120x150 H (cm) suits kids and adults

Note: H is Teepee Height (not poles height)

For custom made your own teepee design, please contact biz.wilaamalin@gmail.competteepee, pettent, petbed, dogbed, catbed, petfurniture, petproducts, cattipi, catteepee, dogteepee, dogtent