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Teepee Size Chart

Note: 'Height' is teepee height of finished product.
(from the bottom to top of poles)
For custom made your own teepee design, please contact biz.wilaamalin@gmail.com,

 Size  Width  Dept  Height  For
XS 25 cm 25 cm  40 cm Tiny animal, Home Decor
S 38 cm 38 cm 70 cm Small cat or dog
M 48 cm 48 cm  80 cm Medium cat and small dog
L 58 cm 58 cm  90 cm Gig cat and Small dog eg Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Puddle
XL 75 cm 75 cm 110 cm Medium dog eg Corgi, Beagle, Shiba 
XXL 90 cm 90 cm 140 cm Big dog eg Husky, Golden Retriever


Wilaamalin Teepee Size Chart